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Student Offerings

Orsch Student Offerings
How does Orsch offer community for students?

Orsch offers a multitude of
activities and events to bring
students together!

Check out our Calendar of Events
to find gatherings, celebrations,
activities, classes, workshops, virtual
theme parties, and more.

What fun learning
is involved?

We make learning FUN! We
have all sorts of projects
and activities to help
students feel engaged and
excited about learning.

Check out our Grids, our
Projects, our Contests, our
Calendar of Events, and our
Workshops page!

What other fun stuff
does Orsch offer?

We love to show off our
students’ work and celebrate
student success!

Check out our Showcase Gallery,
and Kids’ Work Albums.

Orsch…Cutting the Edge in Education

 In her book, Jackie Burt offers a hopeful message to students past, present, and future and to teachers everywhere. It is about the possibilities, not the challenges or problems.

Orsch - Cutting the Edge in Education


A school taking a creative approach to education.

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