Student Offerings

Orsch Student Offerings
How does Orsch offer community for students?

Orsch offers a multitude of
activities and events to bring
students together!

Check out our Calendar of Events
to find gatherings, celebrations,
activities, classes, workshops, virtual
theme parties, and more.

Keep an eye out for new offerings
and exciting events!

What fun learning
is involved?

We make learning FUN! We
have all sorts of projects
and activities to help
students feel engaged and
excited about learning.

Check out our Grids, our
Projects, our Contests, our
Calendar of Events, and our
Library of Lessons page!

What other fun stuff
does Orsch offer?

We love to show off our
students’ work and celebrate
student success!

Check out our Showcase Gallery,
and check out our forums for kids.
Orsch Chat Kids and student
blog: Orschy Thoughts Kids. We
also have Surveys that ask you all
sorts of questions you’ll enjoy

Parent Offerings

Orsch Parent Offerings
What does Orsch offer

We offer consultation services, great conversation, and a wonderful community of caring individuals.

We’ve got lots of good advice and input for parents. Join us for quality conversation in Orsch Chat, and read informative and thought-provoking Orschy Thoughts in our blog.
Also, please check out our fun virtual meetups and workshops in our Calendar of Activities for grown-ups!

What academic and social
options are there for

Orsch offers a variety of virtual classes, activities, events, celebrations, and social gatherings for students.

Check out our student Calendar of Events. We also offer a Library of Lessons, Grids, our Projects, and Contests.

Your kids will love our materials and events, and will thrive within our wonderful community of peers and fun teachers!

Educator Offerings

Educator Offerngs
How does Orsch offer
consultaion for


We offer one on one
consultation services, workshops
and meetups through our
Calendar of Events, valuable
conversation and ideas in Orsch
(forums) and Orschy

What custom products
are available for

We love creating custom
products and activities for

Teacher members, please fill out
the Special Request Form and let
us know what you’re looking for.
We’ll be in touch with ideas and
custom creations made just for you.

What does Orsch offer
community to educators?

Teachers need teachers!
We bring educators together in focus
groups, coffee dates, and even
virtual happy hours.

Orsch is a great place to find a shoulder
on which to lean, new ideas, new
friends, and networking opportunities.
Please check out our Calendar of
, our Orschy Thoughts blog,
and our Orsch Chat forums to find a
supportive community.

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