A progressive school developing progressive thinkers

Orsch has discovered many answers to today's educational crisis and will forever continue to seek answers. We have looked to the students themselves for guidance. We have responded to their needs while guiding them toward skills they will need far into the future.


A Case For Change

Jackie Burt’s book Orsch…Cutting the Edge in Education details a new approach to education that is much needed, if not urgent. Burt contends that we can, in fact, do better for our kids in the public school system. The current state of affairs is centered on standardized tests and a general approach that does not speak to the unique needs of each individual region,
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Our School

A place where you can be who you are…and move at your own pace…and explore…and discover…and develop talents…and dig in! A place where a genuine community exists. We honor and respect each other’s differences. We laugh and learn and live our days together. Because we are a multiage environment (a one-room schoolhouse) we enjoy the variety and differences in age groups, and treat each
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New Book- by Jackie Burt

Orsch...Cutting the Edge in Education is Jackie Burt's hopeful message to students past, present, and future and to teachers everywhere. It is about the possibilities, not the challenges or problems....
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