XLs Kickin It In Math - November 2011

Welcome to the XL’s page!

XLs, aka Excels (6ish – 8ish grades) are quite used to being independent and quite used to thinking critically and creatively about the world.  They are trustworthy and can be counted on to finish their assignments and self-teach unknown concepts.  Aside from a few reminders to not waste time and to make the most of each day, they are self driven and accomplished.

XLs' and Supers' Marshmallow Engineering Challenge

XLs are proficient learners.  They are higher level thinkers who challenge their teachers and are ready for discussions of ethics and origins.

XL students, even though in a potentially awkward stage within their growth and development, are comfortable in their skin because they have the respect and admiration of those around them.  Instead of facing each day concerned with the status quo, fashion or who said what, they face each day with a list of tasks, engaging classes and solid friendships.

XL core subject teachers:

Ms Stacy – Science

Ms Jordan – Language Arts/Social Studies

Ms. Elizabeth – Math



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