Welcome to the Tiny Club Page

Tiny Club kids are pre-readers, usually pretty young (Pre-K-1st grade-ish). They enjoy lots of great discovery time. They are learning to investigate, ask questions, and are of course learning all about letter sounds, mathematical concepts and the world around them.

Tiny Club – December 2011

Tiny Club members add so much to our world. They offer flawless integrity and model a true sense of self to older students who enjoy the reminder that they can be exactly who they are.

Tiny people make us laugh on a daily basis. They sit in laps and enjoy being read to by a multitude of people. Tiny people consistently bring us love and joy and keep us on track – if the world is not right they know…as long as they feel safe speaking their minds, they help guide us in the best of what children need. Thanks for all of the feedback Tiny Club!