I grew up in Germany, a little American girl being carted across the foreign countryside by my adventurous parents.  We made pasta with Italian relatives, hosted a Russian dance troupe in our home, and taught the sometimes-confused German neighbors the joys of trick-or-treating. As a kid, there were always new people to meet, things to learn, and people to share life with. 

We moved to upstate New York when I was 12, and after graduation high school, I moved out West for adventures of my own. While finishing my BA in psychology at Western, I came to Orsch as a part-time German teacher, and the magic of the little school, its students, and teachers, mesmerized me. I didn’t stay long, but in the following years I often came back to Orsch to visit and participate in my favorite, and most Orschy activity of all, optional week!

I believe genuine curiosity and wonder lead to rich and fulfilled days. I believe we can all strive to be lifelong learners and teachers and that an Orschy outlook can be the imaginative path to it all. 

I am honored to be back as part of the online experience. I would like to offer a virtual open door to all, especially those struggling to find inspiration and meaning in the new world of digital connections.