First of all, I am a teacher. I love teaching. For all of my life I knew I wanted to teach, and so I went to school and learned about teaching and about students and got my degrees and licenses and started teaching! First in Washington, then California, New Mexico, Colorado, and now Missouri.

My favorite times are when a student suddenly gets it, and their eyes light up and there is that awesome “ah ha!” moment. I believe learning can be and should be enjoyable and intriguing, and not be judgmental or moral.  

I am very proud that I climbed Mt. Whitney three times in my younger years, and earned my black belt in Shoto Kan karate at age 52. Both were tough, but I did them!

I love the outdoors and all of nature in both day and night, and books and reading, and cooking and eating, and walking my dog and meeting new friends, and thinking about things and talking with friends about them, and playing games and watching foreign movies.