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Today is April 8, 2020. I’m updating the Orsch website to include Online Orsch. The following note from me is too precious to remove and for now will remain Frozen in time.

Jan 14, 2012:

I say it every year, but this IS the very best year! Last year I was elated to have a stellar staff who could teach all of our classes allowing me to focus on running the school, paying the bills and keeping things in check. It turns out, that’s not what fills my soul. So, this year, I find myself back in the classroom where I belong!

I love this school and I love this school year. It is so good to be back in students’ day-to-day academic lives. Our schedule is finally almost perfect. Things are running smoothly for, the most part :), and the book is…finished for the 100th time 🙂

Orschters, thank you for everything you have taught me. Thank you for your input. Thank you for always moving forward and contributing to your own education. You are a joy to be around every day. I am the luckiest girl in the world to be immersed in your lives each day.

Orsch teachers, you are amazing. If we were each paid in laughter and good feelings and progress we would be swimming in wealth. Thank you for each and every moment we share.

Parents, thank you for your trust in us. Thank you for your input. Thank you for your spirited, confident, precious children. We love taking care of them.

Jackie’s Bio

Jackie spent her childhood traveling. Her father’s line of work required their family transfer almost annually. Her childhood provided opportunity for her to experience many views of the world and offered a broad perspective. Jackie is a 1994 graduate of Western State College, graduating with a Colorado teaching license and a psychology degree. She has been in the field of education since 1993 when she began as a volunteer for an after school program as well as a senior partner for Gunnison County’s Partners program. Jackie began her professional career teaching preschool. She then taught sixth grade Language Arts. She was presented with the opportunity to study multiage philosophies in 1995. Adhering whole-heartedly to the idea, she co-launched RE1J’s 4th and 5th grade multiage program with Robin Weidemueller in 1996, bringing the concept of multiage education to Gunnison. Jackie taught for several years in the Gunnison School District, then chose to commit to ‘stay-home mom’ status after her second child Sam was born. During this 10 year sabbatical from public education she opened an in home day-care, created a successful private preschool program, served as a volunteer and board member for many organizations and became a professional off-road triathlete. Jackie returned to public education in 2007 teaching in the Gifted and Talented program. In the summer of 2008 she launched a multiage enrichment summer program which was the very beginning of the concept of Orsch