We have a school full of motivated, school-loving students.

Our students tend to think the weekends are too long.
And…they’re learning?
Yes, they are soaring, and thinking and collaborating!

We Have….

    • a community of individuals who support and value each other in almost every realm.
    • a place where individuality is honored and respected.
    • a world where education is a hunger, and boredom does not exist.
    • freedom of expression, pacing, and personality.
    • creative, innovative, engaged students.
    • students discovering genuine intrinsic motivation that will likely last a lifetime.
    • competent, thriving learners who seek knowledge and yearn to improve their skills.


    • Our students can present, ask questions, and collaborate like the best of grown-ups.
    • Our students constantly discover new talents while developing known talents.
    • Our students communicate maturely and respect each other’s differences.
    • Our students see no limit to what they can do or accomplish.
    • Our students are skilled choice makers and problem solvers.
    • Our students are inspired, motivated, and productive.
    • Orsch students are happy!


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