Welcome to the Pint’s Page!

Sculpture Made From Things From Miss Elizabeth’s Desk – Artist: Persia

Pints are…so close to reading!  (Grades 1ish-2ish). Pints work hard…they want to read…they see the joy it brings to others. They are motivated, but don’t want any pressure. They are delightful little people. Having just graduated from Tiny Club, they are also quite used to speaking their minds – boldly!

They are clever little learners yearning to master the skills in which they are immersed – math, reading, writing, scientific concepts. They write the best inventive spelled pieces in the school – straight from the heart.

Pints show potential in everything they do – while they develop skill they will need life long, they naturally hone in on personal aptitudes and interests. They explore new thoughts and inventive ideas as well. They love creating; they love taking charge of their learning; they are budding scholars.