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Jackie Burt

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Jackie Burt is the founder of Orsch and an IPPY Gold Medalist for her book Orsch…Cutting the Edge in Education

Jackie is a visionary in the realm of education, and she has created countless engaging opportunities for students. She has broken the mold in K-12 multiage strategies and is a pioneer in progressive educational practices and philosophy.

As a student of Jackie’s you will likely realize how much you love to learn, find yourself inspired to be your best, and discover how you personally learn best. You will thrive within creativity, in sharing your successes with others, and you will shine as the individual you are. You will celebrate others, and find yourself in a true, loving, supportive community.

As a colleague of Jackie’s you will thrive in autonomy, laugh at your mistakes, feel free to advise others, give your all, and enjoy work as if it is play. 

Jackie loves outdoor adventures and travel, time with family and friends, and lack of monotony. Jackie is the mom of two amazing people (Emma and Sammy), and the wife of the world’s best husband (Ashley Burt). She lived in Gunnison, Colorado for 27 years following a childhood of interesting travel opportunities, and is now fulfilled in city life in Denver!

Jackie plans to continue creating, writing, inspiring, and sharing Orschiness far and wide.





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