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As of Fall 2014, Miss Elizabeth is away for two years “Teaching For America!” We wish her well, but intend to keep her page up in hopes that she returns to us one day 🙂 Go get em Elizabeth! Lucky St. Louis kids!!!


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Our study of Data

Jacob's Stem and Leaf

Jacob’s Stem and Leaf

Willa's Stem and Leaf

Willa’s Stem and Leaf

Sephora's Stem and Leaf

Sephora’s Stem and Leaf

Eli's Histogram

Eli’s Histogram

Gage's Double Bar and Double Line Graph

Lily’s Double Bar and Double Line Graph

Kiley's Line Plot and Histogram

Kiley’s Line Plot and Histogram

Gage's Stem and Leaf

Gage’s Stem and Leaf















































Harrison's Triangle Dino

Harrison’s Triangle Dino

Lily's Tessellation

Lily’s Tessellation

Eli's Mandala

Eli’s Mandala

Emily's Tessellation

Emily’s Tessellation

Sophie T.

Sophie T.

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