Welcome to the Parent Info Page – please feel free to send us questions and/or feedback.  As always we will do our very best to address any concerns and will utilize all feedback!


Teacher Emails

All teachers are available at [email protected]

Orsch’s homework Policy

Orsch does not require homework or assign homework.  However, occasionally a student will need to bring something home to catch-up or build skills.  Homework is also available upon request – some families love to add homework to their evenings – please let your child’s teacher know if you would like to see your child bring home school work.


Students are welcome to arrive at school as early as 8:30 – many of them will utilize this time to mingle and play.  At 3:30 students will be excused to the courtyard.  Please make arrangements with your children about pick-up locations and/or after school plans.  Thank you!



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