Welcome to the Mid Kid Page!

Mid Kids – the place it all starts rolling really fast! Mid Kids are beginning to read!  An exciting time for sure. They can write well and look up their spelling words – although Ms Stephanie allows them to write phonetically so that they can express themselves without hindrance, they are also quite capable of editing to get it just right.

Mid Kids (grades 2ish-3ish) are always on task. They have so much to accomplish each day and enjoy their skills immensely. They are inspired to think, think, think and do, do, do. They are inventive little creatures, eager to share their progress and their thinking. They prefer hands-on activities and love to get messy.

They are in the midst of falling in love with literature, as the world becomes a big broad place when a book can take you on adventures and teach you things all by yourself.

Math really begins to take shape for Mid Kids – numbers and shapes can, all of a sudden, offer so many fun, engaging concepts that turn wheels in a Mid Kid head.

Science, always fun and investigative, fits their spongy little brains – thinking, contemplating, growing in intellect – oh it’s good to be a Mid Kid.