About Orsch

Orsch has listened to students and parents; Orsch’s program is built around their needs. 

We have the freedom to offer whatever works for each individual student and have found that it’s easier than you think! We consistently unlock secrets that enhance our environment and our students’ experience in school. We continue to learn new ways to teach, new ways to learn from each other, new ways to present, new ways to think.

We are a team – students, teachers, parents, community. Our mission is to lead by example toward positive educational change – along this path we are moving forward rapidly.

Our school is a lab – discovering how to create an environment where students can strive for and reach their potential. Our lab teaches us daily – about the natural progression of one’s education, about the essential value of autonomy, and about authentic learning.

We recognize that there are an infinite number of learning styles; therefore, infinite approaches to learning should be available. We recognize the route to a thriving, capable learner is through independence, creativity and limitless approaches.

Orsch students attend school each day within an authentic, productive student community. Problems are solved and peer relationships are genuine. Each student feels a true sense of self and is respected for his or her individuality.

It is our belief that a healthy school community and positive relationships lead to improved academics and deeper learning.

Orsch is dedicated to finding and implementing strategies and systems that bring the best of current academic paradigms to students. We have found answers to a self-paced approach where learning has direct meaning to each student, and that, with a few key strategies, a student-centered environment is a reality for both students and teachers.

Orsch students are rarely inside the box…unless it’s REALLY FUN!

In 2009 I set out to create an educational environment where freedom, creativity and potential could reign.  The students and the paradigm have exceeded my expectations. – Jackie

Please peruse our site – see the excitement of children, the creativity in their work – the collaboration in which they are immersed every day – observe the productivity of their independence!  Enjoy learning about Orsch Philosophy. If a more flexible, creative approach were to be used just a tiny bit in every school, we would see America’s students begin to soar, as current Orsch students and graduates have successfully done.