Orsch approaches work because they are built around kids’ needs.

Students come here for engagement, inspiration, motivation, and community.
Parents come here because they know Orschy approaches will ignite their kids and engage them like never before.
Educators come here for unique ideas and strategies that lead to enhanced student engagement and independent learners.

What Makes Orsch Unique?

In 2009 we built a program that allowed kids to teach us what they need, how they best learn, what ignites and motivates them, and how to best help them love school.

Now, we are fully online, but we continue to build our offerings based on constant, real-time feedback from students, parents, and educators.

We love to find solutions for families and educators that will help their students thrive, love learning, and enjoy authentic community.

Our platform is designed to bring kids together in a fun and healthy community, and all of our offerings are created to instill independence, autonomy, and excitement for learning.

Orsch is not just another online platform that will feel like more seat time/computer time. Our offerings are made for a virtual community, but are designed to feel like less computer time and more authentic interaction. Most materials are designed to move kids away from a computer, and our virtual classes and events do not feel computer based…they feel like we’re all in a room together interacting naturally.

You’re gonna love it here!

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Orsch students are rarely inside the box…unless it’s REALLY FUN!