To lead by example toward positive educational change.

Orsch strives to be on the cutting edge of
best practices, offering students essential skills through
creativity, independence and experience.

Orsch commits to thinking creatively about the way we educate, the environment in which our students spend their days and the world in general.

We have broken the mold so that new ideas can flow freely.

Orsch is a place where education is exciting and dynamic, and we believe that the world of education should be exciting and dynamic for every teacher, every student, every parent, and every administrator. We know it is possible. See About Orsch.

We hope…

  • to share our discoveries so that the realm of education can become a more positive place for all.
  • traditional education begins to think differently about the way it offers education to our youth.
  • collaboratively, we will continue to discover new methods, new ideas and strategies that bring the best to students.
  • the world of education will adhere to constant improvement – never stopping at great – always looking for better.