Welcome to the Mid Plus Page!

Mid Plus kids (3ish – 4ish grades) are ready to take on the world. They spend their day with Ms. Erica and learn science from Ms. Stacy. They are excited to learn and grow, as their skills are beginning to feel proficient. They can read, write, calculate with maturing brains – soaking in everything they are given and Ms. Erica incorporates discussion & thinking strategies with every core academic lesson to promote deep learning and thinking.

Mid Plus students enjoy the freedom and the independence that comes with “Academic Options” (for parts of the day, unless they are engrossed in a lesson or specified activity, they are able to choose what to do, where to work and with whom.) They enjoy being a bit older with all of the responsibility and flexibility that comes with good judgment.

Having been immersed in an environment that supports their independence and their perspectives, they assert themselves knowing they will be heard, knowing they offer valuable input. To see a confident 9 year old constructively tell you how you could present a lesson better – a beautiful thing in the mind of an Orsch teacher!


Note:  for the 2013-2014 school year, we have integrated our Mid Plus students and Ms Erica into Big Kid world, requiring that our Big Kid teachers differentiate even more. So far our Mid Plus students are flourishing and early results suggest that it has turned out to be a great decision.  We will keep you posted.