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    Jackie Burt

    What do you most hope for when we finally go back to “normal”

    Jenny Pankratz

    This is a great question. I anticipate that students will be hungry for social time and in-person interactions with their teachers and peers. I believe that students are doing their best to hang on and remain engaged, but virtual education is a challenge for many. I hope for a surge of creativity, curiosity, and ingenuity – a renaissance, per say. I think that students will be ready to leave the “walls” that this year has imposed upon them. I am hoping that when they step back into the classroom, everything that they have learned in the last year, both in their education and in their daily lives, will manifest in their writing, discussions, and everything that they create. Even if some students have struggled with keeping up with their coursework in the last year, they have gained new perspectives and new life skills, both of which are invaluable. My hope is that we can all support each other as we transition back to “normal.” The last year has been difficult for everyone, but everyone’s experiences have been slightly different. Teachers must be patient with their students, students must be patient with their teachers and their peers, and we must all remember to be empathetic. “Normal” is attainable, but only if we transition back wisely. I hope that my students will be excited to be back at school. I know I will be.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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