My entire intention in wanting to get together with you was to simply gush about Orsch! I can’t say enough about how profound it has been for me to witness the magic. Rory has grown immensely and he has found a place of empowerment and belief in himself that fuels his innate love of learning and love of life from which great and miraculous things can occur. And he is not the only child who has received this wonderous gift…you are indeed serving in a very real and meaningful way. Our children are truly our future and Orsch is helping make the future sparkle with hope!

Jackie, I just want you to know how much I value and appreciate all you have given and continue to give (on a 24 hour basis!) to this educational revolution. And if I can do anything to help ease the load, I am here for you, as I know many others are as well. PLEASE don’t hesitate to call on your support network. We have all benefitted from your efforts and I for one have much enery to give back.