After 9pm and long day our kids are still engaged in conversation. We were trying to get them to settle and go to sleep. Questions questions questions abound. How the earth began, what is inside the earth, can I look at a picture of the core when we get home, can we google that, lets talk about cells, how many are there, what are they made of, are they like little bodies inside our body….and on and on and on. I say to Chris, do you remember thinking about stuff like this at that age? I don’t. He said he didn’t either. I asked him what he thought that was about. They are often like that. He said.. quite certainly…”It’s ORSCH” He is so right! Our children are more engaged than they have ever been. they have questions and they don’t stop there the insist on finding out the answers and seeking more. We LOVE IT! Thank you so much!