Math Grid

First, read through each of the grid items below so that you are familiar with each activity. Next, pick one to do! Do the activity to the best of your ability, always taking time to make the product neat, tidy, and well presented. When you have finished a task, color that section of the grid in completely and neatly with crayon or colored pencil.

Testing…resources…from an Orsch perspective

When Orsch first began, it had very little. It had big ideas, but little resources. It was forced to create an environment built of essentials, and nothing more. Its ideas carried it because funding could not. In those beginning days, I was often asked about standardized tests. Orsch couldn’t provide them because there were no funds to allocate to them. Funds covered pencils, and

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New Study: Too Many Structured Activities Hinder…

The following study, released June 17, 2014, concludes that too many structured activities hinder children’s executive functioning. Conversely, independence and the ability to choose lead to better executive functioning (behaviors that involve decision making, planning, critical thinking, goal setting, etc). This study is focused on young children (ages six and seven). I am grateful that this element of child psychology is finally getting some

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April 10 Meeting (Shaping the future of Orsch)

The following is a transcript from our April 10 meeting. Following the meeting we had an excellent Q and A session and looked at potential buildings. The future is bright 🙂 View a video of the meeting here: Video: Shaping the future of Orsch Jackie: Thank you for coming today 🙂 I will actually be reading to you today, word for word, for two

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Test Validity and Test Reliability

  In addition to concerns about killing engagement, we must begin to consider more diligently the validity and reliability of standardized tests in an educational environment. For decades, the emphasis placed on test scores has captured our nation’s attention. Reform efforts have a common end goal: test scores and data. Very important, life-changing decisions are based on the data derived from test scores: a child’s learning plan, a

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Thank you Debby Hoffman!

Why Choose Orsch?

Conversation Please join the conversation if you can.  It will close on the evening of May 24th.


Education currently exists in a test-driven climate.  The objective of this test-driven climate is to promote higher student achievement – a noble objective.  Unfortunately the outcome of such a climate is a rampant lack of engagement in students.  It really is that simple. In an online periodical I receive daily the following article was published.  Research:  Student Engagement key to higher achievement.  The link

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Horses and Carts

For decades we have been trying to push a cart with the nose of a horse.   The Horse The horse is strength, freedom, individuality, and desire to run unfettered – to take an idea and explore it to its logical end, to self-direct, to be free to empower your own discovery and as such your own education.  The horse wants to run, and

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Please join the conversation…

The mission of the book, Orsch…Cutting the Edge in Education, is to share what we have learned about kids and education in a progressive and innovative environment.  We hope our findings and our thoughts will begin a national conversation about solutions. We must have solutions in place if we want this effort to work! Sincerely, Jackie