Welcome to the Big Kids’ Page!

Big Kids (grades 4ish – 8ish) are just that much more ready – thinking skills and academic skills are all beginning to take on a lifelong maturity. Big Kids collaborate very well. They ask intriguing questions and love being immersed in engaging activities. On the same hand…they will let you know if your activity or lesson is NOT engaging – they feel bold, old and confident.

Each day Big Kids attend Math Skills and Language Arts Skills with students of similar skill levels, regardless of their age or grade. This structure allows them to hone in on needed skills without the pressure of comparing themselves to others. They move at their own pace and are excited to learn new skills because their readiness level is always on target. In math skills, Big Kids love to utilize the amazing offerings from khanacademy.org.

Big Kids take language arts from Ms Erica, humanities, music and theater from Ms Jenny, science from Ms. Stacy and math from Ms. Elizabeth. They also enjoy “Academic Options” as a portion of their week.

Although Big Kids have classes in specific subject areas, our Big Kid teachers collaborate to offer multidisciplinary units as much as they possibly can. Their lessons are mostly project-based and experiential. Big Kids are in charge of their learning, time management and work ethic. They are building essential skills that they will take into life!

Social lessons are among the biggest lessons to a Big Kid. They are learning that drama and gossip, as tempting as they can be, do not lead to positive outcomes and that true friendships are invigorating. They depend on the guidance of trusted adults in their lives, as they are mature enough to recognize that they don’t know some things yet. When children of this age are encouraged to express their individuality they show surprising integrity. They enjoy, very much, being true to themselves, setting them up for a lifetime of real interactions and relationships.

Big Kids still love hugs and playing legos…keep that in mind!