Orsch Education!

Jackie Burt’s book Orsch…Cutting the Edge in Education details a new approach to education that is much needed, if not urgent.

Burt contends that we can, in fact, do better for our kids in the public school system. The current state of affairs is centered on standardized tests and a general approach that does not speak to the unique needs of each individual region, school, and child. And children are not the only ones suffering from the off-kilter approach that school systems are currently forced to put into place. According to Burt, teachers deserve autonomy in educating their charges, as they were trained to do.

Burt’s book challenges the current status quo and calls readers to action to be innovative and to offer the best to America’s children. Everyone should be interested in this proposed renovation to American education—the ways in which our children are taught and how they learn are critical to the success of the nation and its people.

As an education professional, Burt was compelled to write this book out of concern for the educational system and what she sees as a system that is sorely lacking. In a system in which efficacy is waning, it makes sense to revamp that system. This would be demanded in the private sector, so why not in the public sector?

Testing and governmental mandates do not inspire children. Teachers and innovative environments do.

Rather than casting aspersions and sitting back to watch the feathers fly, Burt offers actual, thoughtful, tested approaches that she has gleaned from her experiences in Orsch, her lab school. Comfortingly, drastic measures are not required, and creative, flexible approaches exist that will affect the change that is so desperately needed.

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