Jenn Flynn

Proud and honored to be a part of your dream.  I hope you know that you don’t see my face in there, not because I am  disinterested or dissatisfied, but rather that I have complete faith and trust in what you are doing with my children and feel such confidence in your decision making, that I just don’t need to hover about.  Plus as you mentioned we are hearing all about it daily….sometimes in sooo much detail.  With Thanksgiving approaching let me say that we are grateful for you, your team, and your vision….and that we have a gift in being part of all the orschy magic. 🙂  Sleep well at night knowing the difference you make!…let it also be said, I have a reputation for being hard to please and not afraid to let it be known.  I am oh so very pleased!!  Couldn’t be happier…really!  So if your weren’t hitting the mark…you would know.  LOL


Orsch Founder, Director and Teacher

  • November 8, 2011

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