Dear Elizabeth,

Your enthusiasm for teaching comes home every day with Lolo and I’ve been meaning to thank you for really inspiring her.  She recently told me at dinner that she has decided that not wandering and finishing her projects make her feel really good, so thanks.  That is a really big deal for our little fluttering butterfly child!

Meike Meissner - Parent

Hi Jackie,

I cannot tell you enough. Josh is a different kid, now.

I am SO amazed with how he loves school. He said he loves learning. He is no longer stressed about school.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know, AGAIN, how happy we are with Orsch.

Michael Busse - Parent

I can’t express my gratitude enough for what you, or Orsch, has done for my child, thank you thank you thank you.

Crystal Nicolli - Parent

Ian is loving school!  Thank you for giving us an alternative for him to thrive in!

Stacie Melby - Parent

Today Orion found his math papers and told me, “this is hard, but at least you can have lots of help and other kids can help explain it and everyone actually works with you to try and help you learn it, not just write it for you and say see that’s how you do it.”   He is no where near the frustration level as he was before at the PS.  I think that he knows its hard, but getting all the good help he has been getting, and the support, he will figure this out!!!  Thanks, its so nice to not see him in tears when he is talking about math !!!

Kari Oulton - Parent

[They] told him that his reading was exceptionally high and would he like to be in advanced English!  I believe his love of reading and writing became so much stronger thru you and your teaching !  thank you

Jen Johnson - Parent of an Orsch Graduate

After 9pm and long day our kids are still engaged in conversation.  We were trying to get them to settle and go to sleep. Questions questions questions abound.  How the earth began, what is inside the earth, can I look at a picture of the core when we get home, can we google that, lets talk about cells, how many are there, what are they made of, are they lik elittle bodies insie our body….and on and on and on.  I say to Chris, do you remember thinking about stuff like this at that age?  I don’t.  He said he didn’t either.  I asked him what he thought that was about.  They are often like that.  He said.. quite certainly…”It’s ORSCH” He is so right!  OUr children are more engaged than they ahave ever been.  they have questions and they don’t stop there the insist on finding out the answers and seeking more.  We LOVE IT!  Thank you so much!

Jenn Flynn - Parent

You go, girl! It looks good! I like it! Erin talked a lot yesterday about self-expression and Orsch seems to be strong on that aspect. I love your freedoms and experiences. Somehow though you’ve motivated kids so that they choose to do academics! you’ve found a way to have kids work hard because they know they will get some fun times as well. You have helped kids strive towards their potential. Don Juan (in Casteneda books) always talked of being “impeccable,” doing your best at all times. I think that is what Orsch has helped kids figure out. My best some days is to spend hours on a topic, and other days my best is to have some down time to relax the brain.
Good to see you yesterday! You’re so cute – even on your bike. I love this town.

Barb Haas - Veteran Teacher

ORSCH is amazing in every way!!!

Deb Hoffman - Parent


Kelli Parker - Parent